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Tools and Tips from a Twin Mom

As I start this New Year I am excited for all the changes. My twins just turned two and I know that our routine and daily lives will continue to grow and change as they do. We are miles from where we started in 2016, but this year it’s time for us to start doing more.

Being a twin mom creates a unique set of challenges. Luckily for me, there are always new and inventive things to make my life easier. I am all about gadgets. If it makes my day go more smoothly, it’s a must. Here is a list of a few that helped my husband and I make it through our first 2 years.

I have secretly always wanted to be the 'cool' mom. The one who drives a car that looks sleek and trendy with all the luxury bells and whistles, and who always has the car clean and organized. I didn't want to become the mini-van mom. However, as my twins have grown and I have talked with other moms, I realize the practicality of a mini-van. Almost half of the stay-at-home moms I met with more than one child drove one. It didn’t take me long to know I needed one too.

I was tired of people parking so close to me in parking lots and having trouble opening the door to pull out my two baby carriers.

I was ready for a vehicle with a back end that would hold my ridiculous collection of strollers. On my twins 3rd month of life, I got the best gift from my husband. We went mini-van shopping! It's been our one extravagant purchase that rises far above the rest.

My biggest tip for twin moms early on is to keep a schedule and stay consistent. Though our schedule has changed and evolved over time we have always had a routine.

One of my favorite gadgets we used that helped us do this was the Table for Two. This system allowed me to feed them at the exact same time and was a lifesaver!

As they got older, containment was more important for feeding. I found that when we would plan something around meal time, like lunch at a relative's or a picnic at the park, the challenge was how to keep them sitting in a different environment.

Our solution was Pop-n-Sit portable boosters. These are like the ultimate toddler camp chair. They are low to the ground, and have an attachable tray! The best part is they are compact and small enough to keep in my wonderful mini-van for wherever we need them.

There are so many things I keep in the back of the mini-van for those just in case moments. I love buying my groceries online, but sometimes I just have to make a trip to the store and take them with me. Though stores seem to have gotten better about having carts for 2 kids, you aren’t always guaranteed to find one.

This is why I love the Buggy Bench. It’s not something I have to use often, but it’s a relief to know it’s there when I need it, and the kids love to sit in it. Once they hit a certain age, I suggest facing them opposite directions to help them keep their hands to themselves!

Now let’s say you make it to the store and they do have a two-seater cart, but the strap is broken. For this situation I keep 2 buckle straps in my diaper bag. You can find these for a couple of bucks on Amazon. These are also great when your kids get too smart for those baby gates and figure out how to shake them open! Just add a strap, problem solved!

My last product tip is for twin sleep. I am true believer in Halo sleep sacks. We have used these from the beginning. However, I have never been as happy with the sleep sacks as I’ve been the last few months.

My twins are just over two now and that sadly means they can climb in and out of their own, and into each other's cribs. I have two brand new toddler bed rails ready to install, but I am not yet ready for the challenge of switching the cribs to toddler beds.

I don’t want my twins to be able to so easily leave their cribs, and without the use of their feet they don’t try to climb, so for now they sleep in sacks. Some day we will have to switch to toddler beds, but for now I’ll sleep happy that they are safe in their cribs in comfy blanket sacks.

I hope these tools and tips were helpful. Feel free to comment and share any of your favorite gadgets!

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