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What is the cost?

​BOO Baskets are $20 each.

Additional children may be added to each basket

at $10 per child. If you are outside of the delivery area, you may also have your "basket" mailed for a fee of $5.

(View order form for more info on having it mailed)

Whats included?

  • Each Basket Includes the following:

    • ​Personalized T-shirt

    • Small Craft

    • Hand-made Pumpkin Crayons (While suppliesLasts/first come first serve)

    • Small Party favor toys

    • Candy (Non-melting/Peanut Free)

    • Glow bracelets 

  • Additional Children's Shirts and items may be added to the basket at a per child extra fee.


We will have 2 windows for delivery. You have your option of either window, including day and time preferences.  Please note that we will do our best to be accommodating, however deliver times and days are not guaranteed.  You must also live in the delivery area of South Arlington, Mansfield, and South Grand Prairie.

Shipping is available if you are outside of those areas.

Round 1 will be delivered October 1st - 14th.
    Orders must be placed by October 1st, for deliver during this time frame.


Round 2 will be delivered October 15th - 21st.
   Orders must be placed by October 15th, for deliver during this time frame.
   - No orders will be accepted after the 15th of October.

How do I sign up?

Spots will be limited

Spots will be limited

All proceeds benefit Arlington Mothers of Multiples, a nonprofit organization

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