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Founded in 1958, Arlington Mothers of Multiples(AMOM) is dedicated to the support, encouragement, friendship, and education of mothers and families of twins, triplets or more and to the enrichment of the community in which we live. Arlington Mothers of Multiples is a local not for profit organization comprised of almost fifty active members who are mothers to one set (or more) of twins, triplets or higher order multiples.

AMOM members are a diverse group of women from the Arlington/Grand Prairie/Mansfield/Kennedale and surrounding areas. AMOM also gives back to our community through volunteering our time, services, funds and talents with other nonprofits such as Mission Arlington, The Women’s Shelter, Ronald McDonald House, Arlington Memorial Hospital and Cook Children’s Hospital.

Ten Reasons to Join AMOM

  1. Fun and informative monthly meetings

  2. Organized playdates

  3. Personalized online support for moms of preemies, newborns, infants, toddlers, school age and teenagers

  4. Social Events like Mother's Nights Out, Family Holiday Parties, Mother’s Day dinner

  5. Texas Mothers of Multiples Yearly Convention(aka-Mom’s weekend away!)

  6. Referrals to local services and products for multiples

  7. Support from other mothers of multiples who “get it”

  8. Membership in TMOM and NOMOTC

  9. Lasting friendships

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