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Ten Essential Products for Newborn Multiples

A Google search for essentials for newborn multiples will result in list after list of things you must register for, but how do you know what you will really need and what to skip? The simple answer is, you won't really know until your babies arrive. There's no way to fully prepare for the arrival of multiple babies. You'll discover your basics and "must haves" by compiling the essentials from online lists and from recommendations you get from experienced parents of multiples.

I've attempted to do that for you here. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it will give you a good start from a newborn twin mom with a fresh perspective.

1. Twin Pack n' Play- You honestly don't need fancy cribs when you first bring your twins home. Unless you don't plan on having your twins sleep in your bedroom, a portable crib made specifically for twins is the way to go. When you transition your twins to standard cribs you can use the Pack N Play as a portable play area.

2. BabyTrend Snap N Go Stroller- My dental hygienist actually told me about the

Babytrend Snap N Go. I was not disappointed when we bought one for our newborns. The Snap N Go made getting around with newborn twins so convenient. It also fit well in the trunk of our Ford Focus. Make sure you check the dimensions of the stroller you want to ensure it will fit in your car before purchasing. This is often something expectant twin parents don't think about.

3. Baby K'tan baby carrier- Our daughter spent ten days in the NICU.

When she came home she did not want to be put down. While our son was happy to relax in his bouncy seat, our daughter needed close contact and this Mama needed her sanity.

I tried other carriers, but the K'tan was my favorite. It's made of soft cotton and easier to tie than other carriers I tried. When your twins have enough head and neck support you can wear them facing out so they can see what's going on around them.

4. Table for Two or two Boppy pillows- I wish I had known about the Table for Two when my twins were newborns.

It allows you to strap your babies side by side into comfy seats for bottle feedings. We used two Boppy pillows placed side by side for feedings, which is similar.

Now my twins like to use their Boppy as a pillow while practicing with their sippy cups or while I read to them.

5. Carter's Zip Up Sleep and Plays- You'll definitely want to begin planning cutematching outfits for weekly and monthly pictures. However for sleeping (most of what newborns do) and lounging around the house you will want something easy to get on and off.

You don't have to sacrifice style either. There are so many cute Sleep and Play design options.

6. Bibs & burp cloths- Changing bibs is so much easier than changing outfits. I never thought I would need so many burp cloths until our twins arrived and our son spat up what seemed like every 5 minutes. I always put one under his head on the changing table and under his Jumperoo to catch any wayward spit up. My favorite bibs are Ikea's bandana bibs.

7. 4Moms mamaRoo Swing- Although we didn't actually own one of these, our daughter got to use one while in the NICU.

When we went to visit her one day she was relaxing in the mamaRoo with a huge grin on her face. The mamaRoo would have helped us through the sleepless, colicky nights with her the first few months. One or more of your multiples may not like swings so start with one instead of splurging on two. You can always add another later if they both benefit from it.

8. Dr. Browns bottles and dishwasher rack-The special design of the bottles helps reduce the amount of air babies take in, which helps reduce gas and reflux. You'll also want the dishwasher rack. It makes cleaning all the parts so easy.

9. Amazon Prime membership-Our family is a little obsessed with Amazon Prime. It has been a lifesaver. It's great for last minute baby items you didn't register for. You also get access to certain perks like their subscription program and free shipping. We use the subscription service for diapers and we also love the instant movies available. They gave us something to watch during those frequent late night feedings.

10. Giantex 4 Tier Storage Trolley Rolling Cart- A portable storage cart will help you keep diapers, wipes, onesies, and other basics close by. We used a portable cart next to the Pack N Play when our twins slept in our room. It was great to have all the things we would need close by instead of going back and forth to their nursery. Now we keep the cart in the living room so that anyone babysitting them has access to things they need without having to search for them.

And finally, don't forget something for yourself Mama! Caring for multiple babies is not for the faint of heart. You can burn out very easily if you neglect self care. But if you are wondering how do I even find the time? Even a few minutes of pampering and some deep breaths will help. Although I couldn't take

bubble baths for the first few weeks,

I soaked my feet for a few minutes and used a one minute charcoal mask to fit in some pampering while the babies napped. I love Dr.Teals Foaming Bath in lavender and the Biore self heating one minute charcoal mask.

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